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Buy Live Salvia Plants

FreshSalvia.Com is now offering LIVE SALVIA PLANTS! We are growing and shipping these amazing live plants for a limited time. All plants are guaranteed to be live on delivery, and ship in an oversized planter box for secure shipping and safety of the plant. Now you can grow your own salvia leaf from the safety and comfort of your own home.

If you are looking to start growing your own salvia divinorum then you must purchase live salvia plants to start your salvia garden. Trying to start a salvia garden from seeds simply will not work. The proper way to grow your salvia garden is to start with one or a few live salvia plants, grow that salvia plant until it is tall enough and then you can take a clipping from that salvia plant to start another. This is the only way to watch your salvia plants multiply.

Our salvia plants are all grown in our regional indoor salvia garden which mimics the weather of Oaxaca as close as we can get it. This ensures the most healthy and stable salvia plant delivered alive to your door. We transition the plant to ourdoor living prior to shipment as to acclimate it more to the environment it will be grown in.

For any questions about growing your own salvia pleaser refer to our blog. If you have further questions you can e-mail us at

To guarantee the plants arrive alive we are only able to ship plants once per week, so all orders will be shipped out by Tuesday for the previous 7 days. All other products on ship the same or next day. If you order a plant along with other products, we will send two seperate shipments so the rest of your order is not delayed. We still honor our $1.75 Flat Rate shipping even on these plants! Plants can only be shipped within the USA.

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1 - Live Salvia Plant
1 Salvia Plant
Live Salvia Divinorum Plant
Retail: $54.95
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2 - Live Salvia Plants
2 Salvia Plants
Live Salvia Divinorum Plants
Retail: $109.90
Our Price $88.95
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Subject : Re: question about live salvia plant
Sender :  
Date :     16.04.2011 11:21

" Peter, Yes, I have indeed received my plant on thursday! I am very pleased as she seems extremely healthy! I have placed her in my window greenhouse under a makeshift humidity dome and am slowly acclimating her new environment. In the past two days I've noticed fresh leaves sprouting up already!!
In the future if anyone else asks you can let them know that yes, the plants do indeed come already potted in a 4X4 pot. which is a very good thing. I was worried that if it was not potted it would be more stress to put on her after the long journey here. I'm going to give her a few weeks to become acclimated and rootbound before repotting.
All in all I'm extremely satisfied and have recommended your site to more than a few of my friends.
Thank you so much! You've been very informative and I'm happy I chose as the source of my first salvia plant!
Looking forward to doing more business with your company in the near future! "
- Jason.
Subject : Thank You for the update
Sender :  chris
Date :     06.04.2011 21:17

" You are #1,My first one is finally coming back, I hope. It was awesome when I got it! See attach pic next to Ivy plant.But I kept it soaked and sending it into shock with 250w hps light and very little humidity. And since Ive added a 150w florescent light bulb 12 hrs a day and a ultrasonic cool mist humidifier to my in door garden to save it. It still looked like a lost cause up until two days ago seeing tiny leaves finally.I hope will make a full recovery but has been threw the mill, so to speak.In any case keep trying. I love having one of these as a part of my collection.Sincerely, " chris.
"The customer service was great; product is OUTSTANDING. They were very patient, fielded all my questions, were timely in replies. Overall, a fantastic experience which I will surely repeat. Thanks guys!" Mike L.
"You guys rock!!! That was one of the quickest deliveries I've ever received from an internet company. Standard delivery: order placed on Wed., received on Sat. Compare this with Saliva******.com. They make up fake, ridiculous shipping charges so they can charge less for the incense, and then it takes forever (One and a half weeks, for an $18 shipping charge, and there they don't follow up with e-mails to report the status--even though they claim to offer easy tracking). Marc
"Thank you for the prompt and orderly shipping of the Salvia! It was recieved on Saturday (yesterday) and I'm enjoying it very much. I'll be ordering again in the future." Ben
Thank you for visiting
"I received the Salvia order. Your turn around time is incredible! Thank you very much." Sincerely, Adam "WOW! I can't believe it arrived today. Thank you so much for all of your help and concern. I will definitely buy from you for now on. Cheer's!" Chris
"I would like to thank you for your incredible service and an extremely fast shipment. I will definitely be a returning customer when the time comes. Thanks again! Regards" Justin
"Thank you for such a prompt response and delivery, that's what I call five star service! I will be sure to recommend you to all of my friends. Thanks Again" Chad
"I just wanted to thank you for your fast service and pleasant customer service responses. I really appreciate it. " Jon
"I am writing to commend you and your company on amazing customer service. I rarely deal with a company that ships so fast and has a product that meets and exceeds the descriptions. I thank you again and look forward to doing business with you in the future." E.H.
"Hey, I just wanted to thank you guys for the VERY fast delivery. I couldnt believe it got to me in 2 days. Thanks ALOT! "~Steve
Welcome to
"Hello, Second time ordering; Thanks for the excellent service. You are now my main salvia website. Thanks!" John from Idaho
Highest quality salvia available today at
FreshSalvia.Com Thanks you for your support.
"Thank you and I will be sure to recommend your company to all my friends. kind regards," N.K.
"WOW! You folks are amazingly fast!!! Thanks for getting my salvia to me so quickly" C.B. from California
"I hope I have not been too annoying with my emails. Your customer service is excellent. But I have to write one last because I got the Salvia today.. Thank You." Patrick
"Got everything just fine. I'm another happy customer and now devoted to your services. Thanx again and I will be back for more." Atom
"I have ordered your oaxacan salvia leaves, thank you for the great product" Mike S.
"Great Service....pleasure doing business with you. Thanks, PAT"
"Thank you so much for what you do. " James
"Thanks A lot!!!!!!!!! " Derek
"Hi - I'm Eldad from Israel who just got his package today - Cheers guys - thanks for the fast salvia divinorum delivery"
"Thank you for the fast and great service. I am quite pleased with the salvia." B.M.
"Thanks so much! You guys really are great, I've tried buying online and you are definitely the best salvia company. Thanks again, I'll be sure to mention you to friends and family. Have a great day and say hi to all your hard working employees." Joey
"Thanks for your prompt responses and great customer service!!! You have a new customer for life!!!" Cameron
"Thank you so much for being so easy to deal with, this is one of the few places in which I have not been given any problems over an error in an order I appreciate your cooperation. You really have a great site and I will recommend it to others."Josh
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