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Salvia Divinorum – The Plant that Drew Tourists to Mexico

May 25th, 2013

Salvia divinorum, which is also known by the name “ska Maria Pastora”by the natives of Mexico is a plant growing in popularity. This plant has the ability to alter the mind or perception of a person when ingested, which made it overly popular to teens and addicts alike, and they consider it as an alternative to other illegal “highs”. However, this drug didn’t only landed its mystic ability to people seeking alternative high, but also to those seeking bliss and to those people seeking ease from physical pain. However, those people using it in a malicious way gained more attention than those people using it for good. And that’swhere the fame of salvia divinorum began.

Modern Uses and Forms of Salvia Divinorum

Effects of Salvia Divinorum

Salvia divinorum is known to effectively alter the reality ofits users. There are user experience reports that states several different bizarre sights, things and events that they saw while under the influence of salvia divinorum. Some of them even reported a series of communication with other beings, which are far more superior to humans.

The lightest effect of salvia divinorum would cause euphoria, while the highest possible dosage would lead to a total black out, if not being a part of something. And even though you can take too much salvia divinorum at once, it is impossible to overdose, in fact, there have been zero report of mortality which was caused by the use of salvia divinorum alone.

Modern medicine began to see salvia divinorum’s potentiality to be very effective against different mental illnesses, such as depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease and even drug/opiate addiction. Though it seems to be very helpful and effective, it was still being considered as a dangerous drug by some other countries and if you wanted to try it out for the first time, be sure to know if you’re place enforces some restrictions about the usage and possession of salvia divinorum.

Modern Uses and Forms of Salvia Divinorum

In ancient times, salvia divinorum was only available as fresh leaves, crushed and then chewed for the sake of divination and spiritual rites. It was also mainly used at religious events and certain medical conditions such as headache, diarrhea and others.

images (6)Today, salvia divinorum comes in different forms. It can be purchased online as extracts, capsules or just a simple plain leaf. Its uses was also extended from just being a sacred plant with religious healing capabilities, it was now being used in a variety of ways.

It is used by different medicinal institutions to treat certain neurological conditions. However, it is also being used as an alternative high by people only seeking for thrills.

These effects and uses of salvia divinorum made Oaxaca Mexico one of the famous tourist spots for seeking alternative medicine.

First Time Salvia Divinorum Use –What to Expect?

April 17th, 2013

Sierra Mazateca Mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico where Salvia growsSalvia is an herb that is growing in the Sierra Mazateca Mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico. It was used by the natives for hundreds of years already. Most of the events where they use include religious ceremonies like divination. They also used it as an herbal medicine to treat headache, diarrhea and others. It was regarded more as a sacred herb than a medicinal plant on its early days.

Today, salvia is used in a variety of ways. The most significant of them is by treating mentally related discomforts like drug addiction, migraine, depression and others. It was also thought to cure cancer and AIDS.

Salvia divinorum effects can be too intense for someone. There are many reports stating that the effects can be mind-blowing and severely intense. If you are a first time salvia user, you might have heard a couple of reports about bad trips already. But don’t worry. You will have a basic understanding about the effects of the plant here.

The effects of salvia divinorum can be explained as similar to ripping yourself off of reality and getting into another remote, unfamiliar scene/dimension. You may start to feel being light, slowly drawing another picture of a world or entity at your sight. After a few seconds, you will feel extremely different. This can be a feeling of excruciating pain and agony of the soul or an everlasting happiness. Up to now, there are no valid research results that will explain why certain people experience great trips and others horrible ones. But there is one thing that’s common to people experiencing either good or bad trip: it has something to do with their emotional state and past experiences. That is why most salvia counselor advices you to have positive thought before attempting to dive in and they always remind us that it is NOT a party drug.

As a first time salvia user, you might have many questions in mind such as what do I expect? Is it dangerous? Will I get good or bad trip? Just a generalization of what we have talked in this article:

Salvia divinorum effects seem to be affected by the previous events that occurred earlier in our life. So use salvia divinorum in the right way and you are on your way to enlightenment.

Salvia User Experience

Salvia Divinorum Effects –A Simple Glimpse

April 7th, 2013

Though salvia divinorum is growing in popularity, many of us still does not know much about the plant’s effects and many have never heard a thing about it. Let us see some of the effects of salvia divinorum.


Daniel Siebert – An Ethnobotanist

According to Daniel Siebert, the first person to document salvia’s hallucinogenic property, there are six different levels of effects that you can achieve. They are subtle, altered, light, vivid, immaterial and amnesic, ordered in intensity.

Perhaps, this is the first time you heard about salvia divinorum so you are looking for information about the possible effects that you can get when you take it. You might also be curious and asks if it is really harmful. Well cover those questions briefly.

Salvia divinorum – Is it really harmful?

It is important that before you use salvia divinorum, you acquire a solid understanding of its effects to avoid any negative impacts. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is harmful.

Many researches have been conducted about the effects and possible harm it could bring to humans. The result? Zero toxicity, 100% safe and no traces of long-term or short-term side effects. In fact, this plant will never leave any physical harm against you.

What can salvia divinorum do to me? Is it of any help?
73cc5fbd11452ca2b02e8a83b7f5c5c3Despite of the many negative things scattering around the internet and media, salvia divinorum was proven to have a potential to be used against several health problems that humans today faces. In fact, it might be the long sought solution against HIV/AIDS!

Professor Bryan L. Roth, director of the National Institute on Mental Health’s Psychoactive Drug Screening Program quoted: “We think that drugs derived from the active ingredient could be useful for a range of diseases: Alzheimer’s, depression, schizophrenia, chronic pain and even AIDS or HIV.”

Well, I know that not all of you got aids or any chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s etc. So you might be asking yourself, what is in for me? Some capabilities of salvia are listed below.

  1. Eliminate depression
  2. Treat chronic pain
  3. Treat Arthritis
  4. Eliminate anxiety
  5. Cure drug addiction
  6. Eliminate cancer and even HIV/AIDS.

If you are suffering one of the problems above, why not try using salvia? However, keep in mind to stay in a safe place and have a sitter whenever you use it. If you used it right, you’ll treasure its effects and benefits.

Salvia Divinorum – An Interview with Daniel Siebert – A Youtube Presentation

Salvia Divinorum – How to Choose The Right Dose?

April 5th, 2013

Salvia divinorum can produce unexpected results when you ingest the wrong dosage level. Most people who do not understand the effects of salvia divinorum are often scared and shocked with their experiences. Therefore, in order to achieve desired effects and have a pleasant experience, you must know how to choose the right dose for you. In this article, I’ll describe different effects of salvia divinorum on different dosage level and you can choose what suites the best for you.

On general, there are 5 levels of experience with salvia divinorum according to Daniel Siebert, the subtle, altered, light, vivid and immaterial. Salvia doses on the other hand are classified into three divisions: light, medium and strong.

Note: The effects below are based on plain dried leaves and do not include effects of 5X, 10X, etc. If you wish to know the effects of 5X, 10X, etc. just divide the weight to either 5 for 5X, 10 for 10X etc. but I do not guarantee the accuracy of the effects because strength vary by vendors.

  • Light dosage level is equal to about .25g of dried leaves and will include the precipitation of “subtle” effects.
  • Medium dosage level is equal to about .50g of dried leaves and will include the precipitation of “altered” and “light” effects.
  • Strong dosage level is equal to about .75g of dried leaves and will include the precipitation of “vivid” and “immaterial” effects.

Generally, if you want to explore light levels of effects and increase mood and pleasure, the light level is the best for you. If you want to temporarily escape from the real world problems (great for depression patients), medium dose level is for you. According to the effects by Daniel, you can get the “altered” to “light” effects. In this level, you can experience less logical thinking, closed eyes visuals, some open eye visuals can also sometimes occur. The strong dosage level is for you if you want to dig deep in your inner self. On this level, you can clearly experience out-of-this world phenomena. You may sometimes resemble yourself as an object or another person in another time or dimension.

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Salvia Dose – YouTube

Where you can place a secure Salvia order online with no risk of being scammed

February 13th, 2013

There are many places online you can try to find Salvia. Although many sellers sell Salvia, but it is very difficult to find the right website so you can get the genuine product at a cheaper price. With a little research you can find the right dealers that will give you the best Salvia, and you can place a secure Salvia order online with no risk of being scammed.

You can use it in many ways, but the most popular and common use of having Salvia is smoking.  Many people now a day also prefer to chew Salvia leaves but people who prefer to use Salvia through smoking are not less too, because it has a great demand due to its recreational value and people love to enjoy their trip by smoking Salvia. It has an eminent role in the medication field, and it has been utilized in Chinese medicine for the sake of health issues. It is helpful in treating the sore throat and it can resolve the digestion illness too. It is valued due to its natural estrogen content. It is also helpful in removing the indications of the menopause.

Mexico is a place where Salvia herb is produced naturally, but now some harvesters have started to grow the Salvia leaves with the only aim of selling the leaves. After plucking these leaves, they are sent to laboratories for extraction, and this process takes three to four weeks.

You can ask a question that when you can consume Salvia Divinorum leaves, then why you need extract. And the answer is that extract holds the most intense form of Salvia. So it is more powerful and with the 10x you may get the strength 10 times more than the Salvia leaves. The people who have used it, they always prefer the high intense form of Salvia extract for getting the best results. But in case of a beginner, you just have 10x, and it will be right for you.

The most valued concentrations are 10x, 20x, 40x, and the highest dose can be 60x and 80x. It is suggested that the experienced users should only use the most concentrated extracts, because they know well how they can adjust the effects of it. A person should decide carefully the potency of salvia so that he could enjoy this experience. The price of also varies with the intensity of product.

Today, it is allowed in some parts of the USA. There has been an issue about the use of Salvia divinorum in about 50 countries, but the struggles to control the use of salvia in the whole country did not result completely. But there are some countries that have banned this product. You have to check your local laws if your state has forbidden the salvia herb. Rules are different, and they vary from no sale to little and from illegal to have. And if you are in a country where salvia is not banned then you can search and buy through Internet.

Tips to make sure you get high quality salvia leaves that produce a nice effect

February 6th, 2013

It has become a trend that the most of the people are paying attention to the legal highs these days and specifically the herbal highs, and no doubt salvia divinorum is getting very popular. It is so, because people are not interested to poison or damage their bodies but they wish to see the results of hallucinogens. And if you get a hallucinogenic high, then it is no doubt a thrilling moment in your life span. And every drug of this type almost has the power of giving amazing feeling. This article will give you some important tips to make sure you get high quality salvia leaves that produce a nice effect!

It is necessary to have complete knowledge about salvia before ordering it on Internet. If you have knowledge, then you can buy perfect quality salvia for your purpose. And if you are novice, then you can research on it and you can get information on Internet.

You can access online forums and involve yourself in discovering right salvia product source. You can get the assistance from many expert members who can tell you about right online salvia stores. Always pay attention to the reviews of current users, because it will help you in having information about the online stores that offer salvia. Thus you can have the best quality Salvia no doubt.

Access experts in salvia and beg their help in having the great buy online. They can guide you in a better way, as they understand the Internet world broadly. It is wise to buy Salvia from a well-known online store. And the reason is that they always give the best products.

You have to be sure that they will deliver you Salvia leaves in a short time. If they deliver lately, then the leaves may get ruin so they will lose their effectiveness ultimately. You have to make sure that they are providing fresh salvia leaves. Because sometimes they promise for fresh leaves but deliver the cold and dried leaves.

effects of  of hallucinogensAlways prefer to buy from those websites that give the guarantee of money back, as in case of dissatisfaction you would be able to return it. Consider those sites only that sell salvia divinorum products only. It is difficult to maintain and run a multi hallucinogen drug website so you should have your attention on those sites that just deal in salvia plants.

It can be fatal if you purchase online by getting involve in some scheme. It is needed to have a purchase from genuine e-commerce websites. Online sale proposals should be ignored, and credit card information should not be revealed to non authentic websites. Always avoid giving response to scam mails for buying salvia online, and be conscious while you are going to conduct any buy. In order to get high quality salvia leaves producing a nice effect, you must make sure to find the right sellers.

Although there are hundreds of salvia dealer online, you must chose the right one so you can get the real products. Only genuine products will give the best experience. This will save your money. Do not buy fake products. Current market is flooded with bad salvia products. Do not get scammed. Most dealers will make you fool. You will never understand it. Just find a trustworthy dealer that will give you the right salvia extracts to give you the best experience.

Become an expert on Salvia in 10 days

February 3rd, 2013

Become an expert on salvia in 10 days and produce your own salvia videos

The most powerful hallucinogenic herb is Salvia divinorum. Salvinorin-A is a chemical element that has illusion properties. You can get extract by utilizing dried or fresh divinorum leaves and you can have it in a powder form leaves. And these powdered leaves are being utilized to separate the salvinorin-A element by treating then with the propane based solvents. This process is needed to get complete in 3 to 5 days but it is beneficial both for vendors and users.

salvinorin-A effects in human body

It is possible for you become an expert on salvia in 10 days and produce your own salvia videos.

It is a profitable business to get your own salvia extracts, but you must have a complete know how about the ability of salvia divinorum. And you must have an idea too where your product will get success. Today the famous method to sell your product is through Internet. You can create your own website or a blog, and you can easily advertise your product there. It seems hard for a newly established business that has just started to sell his salvia extracts through Internet only. And it is the situation, because there are already many sellers with established repute on Internet for the salvia products.

large_SALVIA_at_a_glanceThere are different types of salvia products. It comes with many extracts. You need to learn how to make the extracts properly. You can become an expert in a few days with the right tools. You should know that saliva can be consumed in different ways. But you must find the right method to take Salvia. This is not very simple, but with the correct source, you can get the job done in a few days.

You need some know-how and tolerance to get salvia extracts. Here you will be told how you can prepare mighty extracts so that you would be able to sell these extracts to your close ones and you could even export them. And you may become the amazing upcoming salvia extract vendor too.

There are some great websites that can help you learn more about the products. It is not a very difficult task for anyone who wishes to be an expert on this field. But it is true you must be a well knowledgeable person if you want to exist in this competitive market. The more you know, the more you will achieve.

There are many websites that will answer all of your questions in a short time. Try to get in touch with them. They will direct you on the right way so you can reach at your goal at a short period of time. You need to join some forums that are designed to share knowledge about salvia. You will find help from others. Read as many articles as possible. But you must find the right website. The best website must have plentiful resources you can read. They will help you learn all the necessary things you need. The important tools you will find on the best place.

DMT Vs Salvia – How to Pick Which to Do First

January 31st, 2013

The term ‘DMT’ is a common name used for a drug causing hallucination. Also it is the basic structure of chemical for many synthetic and natural tryptamines causing hallucination. It may also include psilocybin, 5-MeO-DMT and psilocin. In addition, it is also a basic structure of other drugs and significant chemicals including sumatriptan – a drug against migraine. The product of Salvia Divinorium is a herb that can produce effects of hallucination that are strong while smoked or consumed in some other way. While the present legal in a lot of western areas, there was a moderate quantity of compression for making the product non-legal, because the effects are generally tougher that the ones produced by LSD, though it may last just for 5 or 10 minutes.

Salvia Divinorium is a herb that can produce effects of hallucination

Naturally, the DMT is found in the brain of mammalia and is considered for playing a significant role in the entire process of dreaming, thinking and experiences near to death. With a combination of MAOI (monoamine oxidase inhibitor), when it is consumed or ingested, a strong psychedelic and hallucinogenic state is thoroughly induced by DMT. It is way more intense than any more substance or DMT.

The Dimethyltryptamine’s effects may involve moderately high blood pressure, physical issues, rate of heart, and the diameter of pupil and temperature of rectal. The DMT is illegal in many industrialized countries involving the U.S.A. Living organisms consisting of DMT are not restricted by law. Although it is not legal to try the natural herbs or the extracts of these drugs, however they can be legally shipped freely all around the entire world. A lot of these preparations may include more uses involving creation of dyes and use of medicines.

For the people who pay respect to the drugs and its spiritual use, the advantages gained are quite clear. Conventionally, it was utilized by the Mazatec Shamans. It is now moderately helpful for someone who desires to get engaged in healing the spiritual aspect, expansion of mind and so on. Believe it or not, according to the theories of psychoanalytic, the expansions of consciousness are not relevant. Certainly, it is a drug that can easily be employed for a positive cause.
The DMT is generally considered as much classic hallucinogen 5HT2a, and when it returns from the high point, one can experience a strong pattern of visuals and are much similar to the ones on upper drugs. The DMT turns out to be known, warm, intimate and comfortable. It has been proved to be incongruous with a lot of experiences of people, but it is most definitely found that the ego is retained in all times of DMT. With the herb of salvia, the first thing is ego. The personality of Salvia is quite sociable and is definitely something that should be tried out for amazing experiences.

DMT can cause serious side effects. It cannot fulfill your goals. Salvia is the best herb you can try. This is a legal herb. If you take the right amount of salvia, there is no harm. It can give you really thrilling experience. All of you need to find the best website that sells the right product. The best dealer will help you experience the best.

How to start your Salvia Garden Without seeds

January 4th, 2013

Salvia Divinorum is an important plant with its line of descent noted as the Mexican region. The growth of this plant though has spread to many regions around the world where it is in  apposition to give its spiritual as well as medicinal value to people in need. Since the plant does not exhibit production of viable seeds that can be used for planting, propagation has been the main mode of growing the plant. Both commercial and personal use growers have had an interest in the growing of this plant and make use of cuttings in order to get new plants. This limits the rise of new species of the plant since it only gives clones of an existing plant but acts as the most sure and easy way to propagate the plant.

Having a Salvia garden can be both a hard and a simple job to maintain especially through the means of propagation used to obtain new plants. When you need a garden that will carry Salvia growing from cuttings, here is what you need to do:

  • Prepare an indoor room that will harbor the plant cuttings before they are mature for transfer to the garden. You need to have small glass like containers that will hold the plant cutting in water. With about 4 to 5 cm high water in the container, dip a cutting in the container for a week or two until it develops a few roots. Make sure to maintain the water level on the container. The room needs to have indirect sunlight that will help the plant cutting develop to create the needed plant.
  • With the root system developed, the Salvia cutting needs to be transferred to a pot. This means filling a pot with soil but ensuring the bottom has gravel to encourage drainage. Transfer the cutting to the pot while ensuring that the roots are well spread out on the pot for good growth. Leaving the plants in the same room for growth as the plant starts to develop further gaining nutrients from the soil is important. The light should help in the development as you keep the soil moist but not soggy as this may rot the roots of the Salvia plant.
  • When the plant has gained stability, it is time to transfer it to the garden. The Salvia garden should be an area that receives proper sunlight that is not too much, which may kill the plants. A partially shaded area is perfect for the plant. It is proper to space the plant well in about 18 inches apart between the plants to allow it space out well. It is important to apply fertilizers after the first month of transfer to the garden or even start with the application of mulch or other organic fertilizers to supply the plant with the ingredients needed. Proper handling of the plant is important due to its weak shoots that are able to bend and break easily. Looking into weeding the place often to rid off weeds that compete with the garden Salvia will help you achieve a better harvest.

Common practices to avoid a bad Salvia Trip

December 17th, 2012

Salvia intake has an effect on the individual who takes it in. this is because of its hallucinogen ability that sends an individual to “another world” out of the one that one has been in. The experience when one is out of this world is what is referred to as a bad trip. On this occasion, an individual is exposed to plenty of activities or actions that one would not partake in normal situations as it is done subconsciously. The actions start when one loses contact with reality spinning to a different world that has imaginary surroundings or actions that are only left known to the hallucinating individual. It is however possible to lessen the effects of a bad trip or to pose a hallucinating individual to a safe individual to prevent this one from harm. Practices that will help you avoid a bad Salvia trip include:


It is important to consider the environment one is under when taking Salvia. Taking this drug in the public is equal to taking up a risky exercise. The hallucinatory moments will leave an individual with uncontrolled laughter as well as involuntary attention attracting actions that are not suitable for a public area. A noisy area also has a negative impact on the drug user as compared to a quiet serene environment. Taking the drug in a noisy room will lead to destructive actions as the mind clashes with the noise in the surrounding as opposed to a quiet environment that will leave the drug user in a quiet nice bliss around. To avoid a bad trip, selecting a quiet place and especially a room that is safe without any health hazardous environments like a high standing balcony around it is effective.


Salvia doses come in different measures. The different measures give an individual different level of hallucinatory effects. To experience a little bit of the visionary feelings, then it is advisable to stick onto the lower doses of the component. This will help your body take in an amount that will not expose you to a bad trip as you take the drug. Realizing that there is from as low as 5x dose up to 50x doses leaves you the choice to take in an amount that you are comfortable with. A starter would best start with the low amounts strength as one adjusts to the use of the drug.

Mode of intake

Salvia can be taken in through smoking, chewing the leaves, or as tincture. Different forms of intake gives different hallucinatory results. Smoking the drug and holding in the smoke for some time makes it active in about a minute making it strong for the first minutes then the effects slowing down after as you regain consciousness. Chewing the leaves will make the drug active in about 15 minutes making its effects grow as time passes for about 30m minutes to an hour then it will wade out. Tincture held in the mouth will have its effects in about 15 minutes and it will grow with time to a peak and wear off in an hour.

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